Eberhart is a short comic from the guys behind Selektive Erinnerung. It was first published 2012 in the German independent comic anthology JAZAM! Vol. 7. Look out for the next Eberhart adventure in JAZAM! Vol 8. (Coming soon)

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Who or what is Selektive Erinnerung?

Selektive Erinnerung is a half forgotten dream, ascended from mnemonic spheres, the ethereal realm beyond our wildest imagination. Plus fart jokes. Recorded and illuminated by Haiko Hörnig & Marius Pawlitza.

What is the »Jazam!«?

JAZAM! is an independent comic anthology, which rocks the comic scene every year with a diverse mix of stories by German comic artists.
JAZAM! ist eine Independent-Comic-Anthologie, die einmal im Jahr mit einer bunten Mischung von Comics deutschsprachiger Künstler die Szene rockt.